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Foo Fighters – “Stranger Things Have Happened”
Goddamn this dusty room, his hazy afternoon
I’m breathing in this silence like never before
This feeling that I get, this one last cigarette
As I lie awake and wait for you to walk thought that door
Oh, maybe, maybe, maybe I can share it with you
I behave, I behave, I behave so I can share it with you


When I listen to this song I picture flash backs to a girl he had before. I brainstormed and decided a sepia tone would help create the illusion of a memory. I also brainstormed with a music video mindset and thought it would be great to cut from his memories to the present. This gave me the idea to use a different aesthetic for each.

For the memories I think a sepia tone worked quite well as it often used in photography to create old style photos such as this one. So, although I am not professional with Photoshop, I think this old aesthetic conveys the emotion quite well.

I imagined for the music video he would be playing acoustic just sitting and waiting as the lyrics suggest. I thought it would be cool to assume he was writing a song about the girl that left him and as a source of inspiration, he would revisit some of the places they had both enjoyed or visited as a couple. So I did a binary of past and present for each location I found relevant to the lyrics. In these “present” photos, he is alone and isolated from the one he loves. I thought a dark, black and white photo would convey this emotion combined with other elements within each photo. Here is an example of a black and white photo used to show loneliness.

The sepia effect creates a bright, happy feel even though there is no color. Kind of feels like it’s been some time since the event took place and you remember the event, but not every detail.
The black and white photos looked drained and bland and empty. I tried to utilize lines and location to emphasize the emotions I was trying to get across. I also used camera angles to further push the bill.

This may be a very literal take on the lyrics but I feel like it embodies the full meaning. I had to clear out a spot in my room to create the illusion of a big empty room, cut and dry and lonely. Used a slight high-angle shot for this one.

If I had another person I would have been in the shot too. I see this bridge all the time on the way to class and thought it was pretty symbolic. Here we are looking back in the past with the sepia effect. I like this shot because it draws the eye and while she is not perfectly in the middle, the eyes still end there.

Here I have him revisiting a place that reminded him of her. Perhaps where they spent some time. I tie this one to the previous by making it seem like he is looking where she was standing. As he is not in the center, it looks like he's just part of the place. Taking in the memory perhaps.

I thought this shot was good enough without people. I could symbolize any number of things. Such as the paths me take through life, or in terms of the lyric, maybe a relationship that seems sturdy and secure and certain. It is low-angle so it kind of builds a strong, symmetrical, empowered feel. I waited till the sun set a bit to get some good shadows and glare.

I would have liked to take this one earlier probably because of the sun, but in the end, I think it ties in. You could even think of it as what he is remembering as he sits here pondering the good times. The only bright thing in the photo is the memory of the past. I found a section of the track that was all torn up and used it to tie into the previous photo. Remember the strong and secure relationship? Well I think this, placed in the present, symbolizes what came of that relationship.


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