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Foo Fighters – “Stranger Things Have Happened”
Goddamn this dusty room, his hazy afternoon
I’m breathing in this silence like never before
This feeling that I get, this one last cigarette
As I lie awake and wait for you to walk thought that door
Oh, maybe, maybe, maybe I can share it with you
I behave, I behave, I behave so I can share it with you


When I listen to this song I picture flash backs to a girl he had before. I brainstormed and decided a sepia tone would help create the illusion of a memory. I also brainstormed with a music video mindset and thought it would be great to cut from his memories to the present. This gave me the idea to use a different aesthetic for each.

For the memories I think a sepia tone worked quite well as it often used in photography to create old style photos such as this one. So, although I am not professional with Photoshop, I think this old aesthetic conveys the emotion quite well.

I imagined for the music video he would be playing acoustic just sitting and waiting as the lyrics suggest. I thought it would be cool to assume he was writing a song about the girl that left him and as a source of inspiration, he would revisit some of the places they had both enjoyed or visited as a couple. So I did a binary of past and present for each location I found relevant to the lyrics. In these “present” photos, he is alone and isolated from the one he loves. I thought a dark, black and white photo would convey this emotion combined with other elements within each photo. Here is an example of a black and white photo used to show loneliness.

The sepia effect creates a bright, happy feel even though there is no color. Kind of feels like it’s been some time since the event took place and you remember the event, but not every detail.
The black and white photos looked drained and bland and empty. I tried to utilize lines and location to emphasize the emotions I was trying to get across. I also used camera angles to further push the bill.

This may be a very literal take on the lyrics but I feel like it embodies the full meaning. I had to clear out a spot in my room to create the illusion of a big empty room, cut and dry and lonely. Used a slight high-angle shot for this one.

If I had another person I would have been in the shot too. I see this bridge all the time on the way to class and thought it was pretty symbolic. Here we are looking back in the past with the sepia effect. I like this shot because it draws the eye and while she is not perfectly in the middle, the eyes still end there.

Here I have him revisiting a place that reminded him of her. Perhaps where they spent some time. I tie this one to the previous by making it seem like he is looking where she was standing. As he is not in the center, it looks like he's just part of the place. Taking in the memory perhaps.

I thought this shot was good enough without people. I could symbolize any number of things. Such as the paths me take through life, or in terms of the lyric, maybe a relationship that seems sturdy and secure and certain. It is low-angle so it kind of builds a strong, symmetrical, empowered feel. I waited till the sun set a bit to get some good shadows and glare.

I would have liked to take this one earlier probably because of the sun, but in the end, I think it ties in. You could even think of it as what he is remembering as he sits here pondering the good times. The only bright thing in the photo is the memory of the past. I found a section of the track that was all torn up and used it to tie into the previous photo. Remember the strong and secure relationship? Well I think this, placed in the present, symbolizes what came of that relationship.


My Script + Extra Credit

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Assignment 5 Pt.2

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1) These high school kids get invited to their first college party with the promise of hot chicks, but when they arrive the chicks are already banging other guys so the kids just steal their alcohol, go home and get trashed.
2) Robbie is an inexperienced high school student who loves to party but doesn’t know his limits and always makes crude, demeaning comments.
3) A computer tech at the library that’s computer illiterate.
4) A musician who takes a music copyright class to know how to better rip off other peoples’ music.
5) A woman who prides herself as a contradiction; she’s always on time and can get ready in like 15 minutes.
6) You plan a big party and nobody shows up but you still get busted.
7) A player who is finally ready for a real relationship, but everyone thinks he’s full of it and he also realizes he has no idea what a real relationship is like.
8 ) A really ditsy girl who is extremely forgetful so her house is covered in sticky notes with reminders for even the most trivial things.
9) Three stoners that are in search of a mythical “Endless Bowl;” a bowl that lasts as long as someone is smoking it.
10) A stoner that realize, after years of letting moochers smoke his green, the beauty of mooching when he loses his desk job and cannot afford any more herb.
11) A frat house that lets anyone into the party and compiles a list of who to keep out.
12) A kid who does things to put random people in awkward situations for the fun of it.
13) A person who is the opposite of a compulsive liar.
14) A kid who follows his every impulse and hides nothing.
15) A girl who thinks out loud.
16) Someone who is completely afraid of conforming to what society expects of him that he goes out of his way to be completely off the wall.
17) A marriage counselor that as more problem than his clients.
18) These friends are on a road trip or traveling somewhere and this one guy has to stop to use the restroom at every exit. (I think this would be a little funny thing for the story.)
19) In the Janitor’s Pledge, it is every janitor’s duty to steal one sock per load of laundry done by students in the dorms to toy with their sanity.
20) The idea that Google is evil and Chrome is just an ingenious way to collect an infinity amount of data from its users.
21) This cop busts this party only to find his son among them.
22) This guy decides it would be a good idea to have “house show,” implying very loud music, in his aoartment.
23) A kid with sleep apnea but always drinks monster to counteract the effects.
24) A kid who is has never been in a fight and is scared to, but a turn of events forces him to man up.
Plot idea:
25) When the cops bust the party, the bassist clamors out the window with it because he loves it so much.
26) One of the guitarists was using a wireless system and when he runs off with his guitar, he forgets it is on and the cops know he is still close when they hear it.
27) A kid at the party passes out and throws up on himself, so he thinks fast and said some drunk chick did and everybody buys it. (true story)
28) A couple of the guys thought it would be funny to play the tripping game and pisses everybody off.
29) A tough guy who gets drunks and cries to everybody about how hard his life is.
30) I think the band should cover Oxy Cotton.
31) The party is hosted by a guy in his late 20’s, attended by college students, but also riddled with high school kids.
32) The younger kids that get into the party have to lie to say they are 18 so that gives you an idea about how super young they really are.
33) A chemistry student who ironically can mix the most badass drinks and people hire her to bartend for parties.
34) When she was 10 she broke into her parents’ alcohol stash and opened a “special” lemonade stand, thus beginning her mixture advent to master mixer.
35) Idea for house show: The apartment is big enough for a band and a crowd but still a horrible idea to have a live band in an apartment.
36) Maybe the accountant hosting the party is fired after it’s busted but opens up a bar/nightclub with the chemistry student who bartends.
37) When you’re drunk everything is a good idea, like deleting all the contacts from your phone which proves detrimental to your escape from the fuzz.
38) A kid that drove in for the party from out of state without his parents knowing and wears two watches to keep track of the current time and the time in which his alibi exists.
39) A shy guy drinks a lot of Jagerbombs and wants to fight everyone.
40) A pacifist that turns out to be a Black belt jujitsu fighter.
41) A group of nerds that have perfected the art of partying and are hired to come to parties and spice it up.
42) A kid who cares too much what his parents think but is forced to stay and party when no one will take him home. Ironically the party is busted and his parents come to retrieve him.
43) A pizza guy who sells drugs on his rout.
44) A drug dealer who sells pastries with his product and creates an underground monopoly in his area.
45) A DJ that likes to sing too much when he’s spinning for a party.
46) A girl who is normally really reserved but is a different person when she goes out to the party.
47) These guys go to the gas station to try and buy booze illegally but there is a drunk guy there that ends up just buying them alcohol and asks for nothing in return.
Random ideas because I was really hoping to do a science fiction story:
48) A gun that is mechanical but also half organic; a creature that is grown in part of the weapon that harnesses the heat from the hand of the shooter and turns it into something the gun can use to fuel it.
49) Picture Earth thousands of years in the future but with the same society that exists today with obvious advancement but not a dystopian world as is portrayed in most movies these days.
50) An old fart that shows up at college parties because he still loves to get down.
51) A millionaire who is tired of being rich that goes out and stands by highway off-ramps handing out money instead of begging.
52) A preacher who believes in all religions and teaches personal conviction instead of condemning others that are not the same as his religion.
53) Teacher who tells his students the sky is the limit instead of teaching them to “be realistic.”
54) A biology student who hones his sills to grow some of the best herb in town.
55) This car that these groups of kids share, driving it around town that was converted to a convertible with a hacksaw.
56) A vegan that is allergic to soy.
57) A vegetarian that is lactose intolerant.
58) A vegan that goes to farms for fun and cuts fences and lets everyone’s livestock out.
59) An intense gamer that acts like a gaming douche bag out in public.
60) A college student that is just here for the experience and the learning but doesn’t take his tests and doesn’t care about getting a degree.
61) A guy who is really conceited and thinks the chicks love him, but turns out they all thought he was gay the whole time.

Assignment 5

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1) These high school kids get invited to their first college party with the promise of hot chicks, but when they arrive the chicks are already banging other guys so the kids just steal their alcohol, go home and get trashed.

2) Robbie is an inexperienced high school student who loves to party but doesn’t know his limits and always makes crude, demeaning comments.

Assignment 4 Pt.2

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In the year 2147, everyone is fat. ESPN now shows the only sports still around; Poker and NASCAR, as they require no physical activity. When Poker goes under, it’s up to Michel Chubs, NASCAR CEO; to meet the public crave for violence and complexity. When fans call him to his own track, Nascar FINALLY gets interesting.

Assignment 4

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Unsanitary Harry
This children story teaches younger kids to be more careful and sanitary in a growing world where illness spreads quickly. Harry the unsanitary Cyclops never washed his hands like his mother told him. When he ironically gets pinkeye, all the other Cyclopes laugh at him. Finally he realizes the value of good hygiene.

The Beauty and the Manbearpig
Manbearpig is half man, half bear, half pig, and half woman. When the world discovers this androgynous freak, what do they do? They give him a reality dating show. With awkward social habits and a horrible anger problem, Manbearpig must find his true love amidst growing fame and mistreatment to validate his existence to the world.

Assignment 3

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I give you assignment 3. On time this time!!! -Jake Kirkman